Hello world, Why Blog?

As a computer scientists, I suppose my first post should be Hello world.

So why am I even starting this blog? No one would read it!

I recalled myself attempting to write a blog three times before. All failed miserably. Why do I think I will persevere this time?

To be honest, I probably won’t.

But I would like to think I will. I think it is time to change myself. I have been stagnant for far too long. For your information, last time I feel this way I changed my name.

Not so drastic this time though. I want to change my backpacks. I want to change my wardrobe. I want to change my overly talkative nature. I want to change my demeanor and speech. I want to change my accent. I want to change my eating habits. I want to write a blog. I want to exercise more. I want to …

I am a greedy human being.

Things that triggered this change: Calhacks, my desire to become CS God, realizing that I want to work on something with social impact, and a certain very interesting human being, who bought me soup once when I was sick.

But ultimately, how do I prove that I am a better person?

That’s the question I want answer for.

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