Funny Story #2: Broken Track Pad

My brother’s laptop died so I lent him mine. When I got it back, the computer no longer respond to the track pad.

“What the heck man, you just broke my laptop.” said I, actually very happy because I wanted an i7 less-than-3-pounds laptop for a while.

The happiness only lasted for splits of a second, for I knew from the bottom of my heart I was never going to lavishly buy a new laptop when the current one hasn’t declare itself R.I.P. Surprisingly, it works with a mouse. So for a while, I would go around classes and office hours with my silly wired mouse.

This went on for 2 weeks.

One day I was testing my function keys—one of them is disabling trackpad. My brother must have accidentally pressed. Everything is fine now.

What’s the moral of the story? How can I not be able to fix a silly trackpad when I major in computer science?

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