My Cooking Journey: Uncooperative Pancakes

I continued my journey to become a self sustaining college student by cooking. This time:


Result: FAILED
Reason: Impatience. Hey pal I tried! I was too lazy to follow my bible and bought some pancake mix. But even that didn’t work. The mix’s instruction asked for a griddle. Who the hack would spend the money to buy a graddle!? So I merged the mix’s instruction with my bible’s instruction. It was a mess.


After I mixed all the ingredient into a giant lump of white, I turned on the heat to my non-stick pan. I didn’t know whether I should use butter or not. So I tried one without. The lump of white sizzled on the pancake and I was very optimistic.

Thus I cooked my first pancake. An one giant pancake on a 12-inch pan. I totally ignored the suggestion of adding no more than 1/4 cups. After all, the more the merrier, right?

In any case, when both sides turned brown, I put it in my plate and savored my first pancaky success. And… and it was tasty! The blueberries were awesome. It was great.

I told myself, “Hey it’s pancake. Of course it is easy.”

After that, I wanted a more watery texture, so I added more milk. My hand shook and I poured way way way too much. Back then I haven’t realized this mistake yet. Then I added butter just to test. In the interest of time, I added 4 times the white lumps. (Again, ignoring the warning of putting too much on the pan.)

This was where the failure came from. Disaster. Apocalypse. So watery were the pancakes that they failed to solidify. Gosh darn it, why wouldn’t you cooperate? You silly pancakes.

I ended up getting some random depressing cooked mix.

And two overcooked pancakes because I turned on the heat due to impatience.

What the ******* is this?

So depressed was I that I threw the rest of the ingredient away. Sorry.

Lesson learned: do not improvise please.

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