JavaScript: A Different Kind of Object Oriented Programming and Inheritance

This tutorial assumes you know the basic syntax of JavaScript.

If you come from an Objected Oriented Programming background such as Java or c++, where you can declare class and later create objects, you might be confused by the strange ways JavaScript handles objects and inheritance. Here is the big revelation: there is no such thing as class in Javascript!

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Funny Story #2: Broken Track Pad

My brother’s laptop died so I lent him mine. When I got it back, the computer no longer respond to the track pad.

“What the heck man, you just broke my laptop.” said I, actually very happy because I wanted an i7 less-than-3-pounds laptop for a while.

The happiness only lasted for splits of a second, for I knew from the bottom of my heart I was never going to lavishly buy a new laptop when the current one hasn’t declare itself R.I.P. Surprisingly, it works with a mouse. So for a while, I would go around classes and office hours with my silly wired mouse.

This went on for 2 weeks.

One day I was testing my function keys—one of them is disabling trackpad. My brother must have accidentally pressed. Everything is fine now.

What’s the moral of the story? How can I not be able to fix a silly trackpad when I major in computer science?